Thursday, 11 November 2010

Another exampe of a sick society

This is another photo I came across on the net, no I don't trawl fashion sites to find them :)

This model is the epitome of all that is wrong with our mad, delusional; society. In a more caring and compassionate world, this woman would be offered counselling and support. Or rather, she probably wouldn't have become so thin and emaciated in the first place. She is yet another victim of a world where  stupidity, greed and glitz are used to beguile and bewitch impressionable young women, with temptations of fame and wealth. Watch five minutes of any (Un)reality show  to see what the lure of fame and wealth does to people.

What makes me angry, is the knock on effect this sort of image has on perfectly healthy females. Any women who is over the insect size six, is deemed to be 'fat.'  She is demonised and ostracised to such an extent that many perfectly healthy women drag themselves down into ill health as a result of the desire to conform to what are seen as 'normal' standards of beauty.

Beam me up Scotty, I no longer wish to belong to such a society.


  1. Well the fashion industry won't make any money out of me! I bought new shoes this week, the first new shoes in three years! They are good ones too and they'll last for three year I bet! So I spent £40 on them so less that £10 a year on shoes! I'm proud of that...p.s I don't own a handbag!

  2. Before passing judgement on the fashion industry, it is important to note that it is in fact society and its desires to which it is responding. If you take any notice of what is happening in the industry at the moment, you will see that it is shifting towards a more sustainable approach.
    But people want cheap clothes. As a result, poor people are employed in sub-standard conditions and are paid 18c an hour. The fact you are rejoicing at those shoes costing less than 50punds, means that somewhere, someone was exploited to make them, while somewhere else, a lot of profit is being made.
    Support of the fashion industry is not a bad thing. As long as you support the right segment of it. Shop at Junky Styling, Oxfam, Traid Remade, or any designer who markets themselves as slow fashion. By supporting these designers, you can ensure the entire industry will shift towards being more sustainable.
    Ignorance and a closed minded attitude towards fashion, including the health of its models, only leads to the cycle being continued.
    You may think the industry is nonsense. But really, as one of the most influential industries that exist, it reflects the nonsense of the Western world.
    As a fashion designer, I am doing my part for sustainable fashion. You need to do your part and support me.

    regards, Anna

  3. we all have our point of view, being an ex fashion designer who used to make bespoke clothing for the rich im all for hand-me downs, thrift shop clothing and....antifashion. i found the whole industry pretentious and vulgar. after 14 years i changed careers completely. now i remodel hand-me downs and sew my own private clothes only. not only is the body image an issue but the fact that people think having the latest fashion is important. once upon a time a woman had 3 dresses, one on, one in the wash and one for sunday best. i made a $600 silk top and pants for a woman for her birthday, she was going to wear it once then display it on a mannequin with an $800 jacket she bought to go with it, and then shoes, all make her feel good. how sad is that!