Monday, 25 October 2010


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 The above image is part of a series of photos that featured in Italian Vogue, July 2007 issue. The feature was, believe it or not entitled 'SuperMods Enter Rehab!'

I'm lost for words! When I first saw it I thought, that it was a photo of a group of young women with serious health issues receiving treatment, But no, It's actually a part of a fashion spread!!

No wonder young women suffer from negative body images, when this sort of nonsense in magazines fashion, Ironic or not! The world is indeed insane.


  1. oh my word~i had a look at the link and i have to say it made me feel rather queasy.
    i have to admit many years ago i would buy the odd 'womens' magazine but became increasingly frustrated with the lack of anything decent to read within the pages. i fully agree that these magazines and plenty of tv programmes certain give young girls/women the wrong idea about their bodies and lead them to search for the media's perfect ideal.

  2. Nice to see you in blogworld again John. I had a look at the link too and didn't 'get it. I don't 'get' art or 'fashion' and consider myself 'above it'. If that's fashion, then who wants to wear dull drab clothes like that!!! I'm off to the charity shops later, when the rain eases to find something, wooly, warm and cheerful in contrasting bright colours! I shouldn't judge but they could have chosen a few happy looking women to wear the clothes, they made the awful clothes look even worse!

  3. Hi Laoi. Yep, it's a sad, mad world isn't. Mind you, I suspect that spread was tongue in cheek in a weird sort of way, but even so! What a comment on the world they inhabit. Hope you are feeling much better then the last time I heard from you by the way. x

    Hello again Jane, it's good to see you again too. I've not felt like bloging for the past few months. I have spells if involvement in one thing, then going off onto something else. I must catch up with your blog, it's the best frugal one on the net.

    Maybe those models were reflecting their real fatigue. With little energy to spare due to their lack of metabolism, they must have felt very drained having to endure the endless hours a fashion shoot takes to complete. Then again, that was probably how the photographer wanted them to look!
    I'm suspect you will come back from the shops laden with good bargains, you always seem to have a knack for finding good quality clothes which cost next to nothing.